Yiwu toddler toy

A toddler is a proverbial ball of energy. If you doubt this, just ask anyone who’s tried to keep up with one. They’re eager to try all sorts of physical feats and curious to investigate everything that catches their eyes.

Toddler Toys enrich the play of children aged 12 to 24 months, as they continue to explore the world around them and develop important life skills,yiwu market provide a wide range of toys for this crucial, developmental period, exposing kids to new skills through play and helping them build on what they have already learned in their first year of life. You’ll find enriching musical toys, puzzles, walkers, activities and much more in our Toddler Toys Department – everything these young children need for their second year. But most importantly, in addition to what they will learn from these toys, they are also loads of fun! The Baby & Kids Market can provides excellent quality preloved goods by great brands at bargain prices. Yiwu toddler Toys market is on the first floor in district one of Yiwu International Trade City.And the opening hours is from 09:00am.to 17:00pm

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