Yiwu city

Yiwu “Credible” units

Yiwu has obtained 6 units SAIC’s “Credible” public title , 46 unit Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Credit AAA “Credible” Enterprise , 104 unit AA-grade Enterprise ,175 unit A-level Enterprise. Now yiwu has 4 Enterprise were identified by Zhejiang Province Trade and Industry Bureau as the new AAA Grade “Credible” units. Yesterday, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial […]

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We can store summer clothing in wadrobe this month

This October weather In yiwu city,It’s time to pack away the summer clothing and roll out your fall wardrobe.  When doing so, you should carefully store your clothing to ensure that it will be in good shape for next Spring and Sumer.Here are a few tips to keep in mind when storing your clothing: Always […]

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Yiwu city ledaers give an supervise work to the upcoming fair

Yesterday, Yiwu city leaders He Meihua, Chen Xiuxian, Xiong Fangming with the relevant departments come to the Yiwu International Expo Center give a special supervise and guidance work. .He Meihua called on relevant departments and units to attach great importance to the pre-Expo preparation work, to do all the details to protect basic work to […]

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Yiwu push forward the construction of affordable housing

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter give an interview to the yiwu city Bureau of Housing and Urban Real Estate Branch, Get the news that the city will expand coverage of low-rent housing, those plan let the  housing difficulties of low-income families to stay in “Huimin Home.” ” Huimin Home” locate at Zongze street,A total of 204 […]

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Yiwu ”changzhang” passenger special railway line settles in Houzhai

From 2010, yiwu Houzhai economy continually maintained the well development, and its economic strength got further developed.. and In March, 2001, Yiwu city adjusted administrative districts division again, in which Houzhai town was changed into Houzhai Street, as a part of urban area. Houzhai Street has a gross area of 67.88 square kilometers, it is […]

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