Yiwu city

Yiwu cello

Yiwu cello Compared with violin, cello plays different sounds and cello also has a higher height. Cello is the necessary part in orchestra. The material of Yiwu cello is mainly made of wood, if maple and spruce the two materials are made together, they play very wonderful sounds. Yiwu cello appearance itself need to pay […]

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Yiwu barrettes

Yiwu barrettes Yiwu barrettes are located in international trade city district one, the second floor. If you walk in the market, you will soon feel that you are in the sea of barrettes. All kinds beautiful and colorful barrettes are on show there, and they are not only fashionable but also cute. Yiwu barrettes for […]

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Yiwu bandanas

Yiwu bandanas Yiwu bandanas have been founded by the fashion areas, and the professional designers come out of many different designs of bandanas. It is located in international trade city district 1, the second floor. Many types of Yiwu bandanas show the different style. There are a wide range of colors and many special pictures […]

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Yiwu clipboard

  Yiwu clipboard Yiwu clipboard is used very widely and very convenient. It is easy to take and it is also a good way to keep the useful information. Clipboard is something to hold the paper and write something on it smoothly. Yiwu clipboard is seated in international trade city district 2. The materials of […]

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Yiwu headwear

Yiwu headwear If you are the one who is looking for some nice headwear, Yiwu market is the perfect place you should look. Yiwu headwear has many kinds of types; they are from old times until now. At present, many more fashionable headwears, they are very pretty.   Headwear is the important part for others […]

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Yiwu balloons

Yiwu balloons are very nice and they are a kind of celebration that we could see especially in some holidays. Almost every street would put on some balloons and colored ribbon which show the happiness of the special days. I could not deny that the Yiwu balloons are very colorful and useful; there are all […]

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Yiwu rings

Yiwu rings A ring is something to put on one’s finger; it is a kind of jewelry. As it is know to us all, Yiwu city is famous for its small commodities, and so it is the same with jewelry. In other words, Yiwu rings is worth for your looking, and it is also very […]

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Yiwu wallpapers

Yiwu wallpapers When people decorating their bedroom, they want their metope more abundant and distinctive.The most economy way is to select the wallpaper of individual character. So on the Yiwu market, Yiwu wallpaper with various type and different style can satisfy the requirements and demands of the consumer.  Yiwu wallpaper can be roughly divided into […]

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China e-commerce capital – Yiwu

Yiwu, the world famous China Commodity City, now has a new title – China e-commerce capital. Numerous entrepreneurs initial build their network business with little money of hundred or thousands RMB, just a few years, earning a fortune. E-commerce seems to be a “create Dream Works” for the local young people. ”yiwu has more than […]

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