Yiwu push forward the construction of affordable housing

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Yesterday afternoon, the reporter give an interview to the yiwu city Bureau of Housing and Urban Real Estate Branch, Get the news that the city will expand coverage of low-rent housing, those plan let the  housing difficulties of low-income families to stay in “Huimin Home.”
” Huimin Home” locate at Zongze street,A total of 204 households would placed on. According to introduction, there have been 132 family living in,which has 36 family approved to saty in this year.In ording to accelerate the work of rental public housing. This year,The  financial bureau plans to invest 93.94 million yuan.
An agreement by the acquisition of public assets management center purchaise the city Beiyuan and the original standard factory residential of Choujiang streets. Up to now,the 87units of choujiang public rental housing blocks are in place;  440 units of Beiyuan public rental housing blocks are in the work of pipelines facilities and other being configured rectification. and the organization of household acceptance. Right now, the relevant are in progress of preparatory registration information work,and plans  to organize application work,from this month,.
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