Yiwu city ledaers give an supervise work to the upcoming fair

by | Oct 15, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Yesterday, Yiwu city leaders He Meihua, Chen Xiuxian, Xiong Fangming with the relevant departments come to the Yiwu International Expo Center give a special supervise and guidance work. .He Meihua called on relevant departments and units to attach great importance to the pre-Expo preparation work, to do all the details to protect basic work to welcome the Yiwu Fair.
when supervised in the outside of International Expo Center Hall, He Meihua said the parties concerned to further create a strong atmosphere of the Yiwu Fair, to increase advertising layout, providing a wide range of information security; in the period of fair clean up the land around the exhibition hall widely, provide sufficient parking scene; surrounding roads to set clear signs, to provide bilingual, chinese and english language; provide a beautiful environment.
Into the hall, He Meihua first came to the underground exhibition. After Learn more about the exhibition in the basic details of the work, he said, as the exhibition held at the International Expo Center and Meihu Exhibition Centre, while set underground exhibition in the International Expo Center, so it is in urgent need to provide a free trade negotiation area for home and abroad merchants, improve the relevant service. Yiwu Fair promotional materials should be prepared sufficiently, especially propaganda manuals, industry distribution, exhibition information, blocks introduce a comprehensive, Hall set up, the signs and other content should be concise, clear, with the. Food hygiene of Yiwu Fair should strengthen supervision and monitoring to ensure food safety.

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