Yiwu “Credible” units

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Yiwu has obtained 6 units SAIC’s “Credible” public title , 46 unit Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Credit AAA “Credible” Enterprise , 104 unit AA-grade Enterprise ,175 unit A-level Enterprise. Now yiwu has 4 Enterprise were identified by Zhejiang Province Trade and Industry Bureau as the new AAA Grade “Credible” units.
Yesterday, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau have award recognition 86 companies of the 2010 annual “Zhejiang industrial and commercial credit grade of ‘Credible’ unit”.and the vice director of yiwu city bureau Bao Rong Jian said: “enterprises may be temporarily profitable with opportunistic approach , but the companies want to continue to develop,it must credibility , in the tight situation of international market ,and the domestic market in an increasingly competitive situation, construction of credibility particularly is urgent, the “Credible” identification to enterprise is an important part of building corporate credit, both companies received the honor, but also the valuable intangible assets. In order to achieve unit own sustainable, healthy and stable development, companies have to keep improving and perfecting the construction of their own credit mechanism, adhere to compliance management,and credit management.
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