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Yiwu Commodity Market

Yiwu Commodity Market Yiwu, a small city in the middle of zhejiang province of China, is famous for its biggest small commodity markets. As the world’s largest small commodity market , currently most markets have already moved into International Trading Centre. Most people get to know YiWu from its small commodities. Here you can find […]

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Yiwu electronics industry

Yiwu electronics industry In Yiwu wholesale market, electronic products are dazzling and various. Yiwu electronic industry is mature and “history”. The electronic industries are booming and  electronic produces is behind the requirements.Electronic manufacturing enterprises are here and there in Yiwu. The kinds of electronic produts is various. In others words,every electronic product which you except […]

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Yiwu china gadgets

Yiwu china gadgets Today I want to make a brief introduction about yiwu china gadgets. “You can buy anything beyond your mind” this is a conclusion of yiwu china gadgets market. That is not only because of its best china agent, fast drop shipping but also its novelty and newest gadgets. What’s more, low price […]

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Yiwu market information

Yiwu market information Since the reformation and opening, Yiwu has taken the commodity circulation as the carrier.It made Yiwu market, industrialization, urbanization and internationalization.This year, in order to improve the effect of yiwu market integration, credit should be taken as condition and threshold accessing to the integration market. Recently, according to general requirements from the […]

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Economical Exquisite High-quality Wide varieties Yiwu Fashion Jewelry

Economical Exquisite High-quality Wide varieties Yiwu Fashion Jewelry Since reformation and opening, the shrewd businessman in Yiwu has created a “petty commodity great market” myth. After 1990s, the trend of the time and the great advantages of petty commodities markets sped  the development of the jewelry industry. So far in Yiwu International Trade Mart the […]

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House Renting in YiWu

House Renting in YiWu In 2010, Chinese government carried out a series of policies to repress Chinese soaring housing price. With some certain effects obtained, the housing price in China still keeps increasing sharply, which leads a phenomemon that many Chinese hold a hesitating attitude towards buying a house suite, instead, they choose to rent […]

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Yiwu starbucks

Yiwu starbucks The first Starbucks coffee shop in Yiwu Yihe Hotel opened its doors on the first floor. The industry believes that the international coffee giant’s sales come on the one hand to fill vacancies in the local coffee brands, but also to the already saturated the coffee industry to bring new competition in the […]

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YiWu YiHe Hotel

YiWu YiHe Hotel YiWu YiHe Hotel is a deluxe four star business hotel which is built according to international standards and is a subsidiary company of ZheJiang World Trade Management Company. Located in the business and commercial centre-HongKong Town and with the Small Commodity City and BinWang Market,Yiwu Night Market nearby, the traffic of YiWu […]

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Yiwu Car Rental

Yiwu Car Rental Wanna enjoy a driving tour in such wonderful season? No car? It doesn’t matter.Yiwu Car Rental, a comprehensive large leasing company in Yiwu will help you solve the problem. The company is engaged in providing car rental and MPV rental with different classes and even generation drive service etc. New car = […]

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Yiwu massage

Now many foreigners choose massage to relax their body after working in the China international trade city a whole day.Doing massage will enable the development of skin telangiectasia, increased skin elasticity, muscle contraction and stretching to promote and improve the human body function, accelerate the lymphatic flow and enhance human immunity. You could choose 4 ways […]

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