Christianity in YiWu

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Christianity in YiWu

Christianity was introduced into YiWu in 1895 and has prevailed for more than a century. Our motherland has gone through tremendous changes, unpredictable political situations, several ups and downs during this period and so does the Chiristian activities.
After the Third Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party, people in all fields tried to set things right including religion stuff.By the end of 2000, YiWu Christianity group has purchased and built 22 churches, 16 branch associations , 10 meeting places and 41 church properties. Currently, there are 6300 baptismal believers in the book and four pastors, 34 presbyterians and 334 deacons. About 15000 people are participating or have participated in Sunday’s religious activities totally. The preparation group for SanZi Patriotic Movement Committee was setted up on June 17,1980 and the committee was officially founded with the office in ChouCheng after the “the first christian congress of YiWu City ” was held on October 17, 1981.Pastor Jin Bingfu was appointed as the Director of the committee and pastor Wulin Yun, pastor Zhu Zhongmin was appointed as the vice directors.On August 17,1995, christians crowded in ChouCheng Church, celebrating the 100 anniversary of the introducement of christianity into YiWu and also the 50 anniversary of victory of Anti-Japanese War. Leaders from ZheJiang provincial government, Jinhua, YiWu and other relevant leaders attended the commemoration. In December 1998, Christian group held its seventh congress in FoTang Church. Xu Yaojin was elected as the chairman of YiWu SanZi Committee and the vice chairman and director-general of YiWu Christianity Association. At the same time, they elected head of each town and churches in every town established standing committee.
Now, Everything of the christian church and YiWu Christianity goes smoothly under the government’s leadership, management.

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