Yiwu Trading Company

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Yiwu Trading Company

Yiwu trading company are very popular words that can be seen almost everywhere in Yiwu city. As an international trade city, Yiwu is being developed at a quite fast speed. And at the same time, more and more trading companies are born in this city.

Yiwu trading companies are developed in many different patterns, including sourcing agents, exporting agents, purchasing services companies , trading companies with factories and so on. The companies which have factories may just export some certain products of their own. As the business grows, many of these companies have already made their brand name popular in the world. The agents are often not very large in scale, while the businesses may be quite extensive. The lines can involve toys, office supplies, cosmetics, bedclothes, hardwares ,electronics and so on. Every year, these companies do much to our country’s exporting turnover. Yiwu Amandaiec Import& Export Corporation is one of the import and export companies in Yiwu city. Since established in 2008, it has enlarged quite a lot in scale, staffs, business lines, etc.The staffs in this company are all university graduates who are quite dashing and vigorous. The businesses involve tens of different products like daily commodities, shoes, clothes, toys, artwares, jewelries and so on. The clients are distributed in more than 100 countries from north-America, north-Europe, west-Europe, east-Europe, middle-East, central and south America and Africa, almost all over the world. This company has quite good reputation among its business clients and it is being developed in a rapid speed.

Yuwu trading companies are active cells of Yiwu international trade city. They are growing in an healthy, fair, effective environment. We do believe that these trading companies will have a glorious tomorrow and they will at the same time make more and more contributions to our country’s economy!

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