Yiwu market information

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Yiwu market information

Since the reformation and opening, Yiwu has taken the commodity circulation as the carrier.It made Yiwu market, industrialization, urbanization and internationalization.This year, in order to improve the effect of yiwu market integration, credit should be taken as condition and threshold accessing to the integration market. Recently, according to general requirements from the authorities, many relevant branches in-depth and actively fight against infrinegement of intellectual property rights and the counterfeit and shoddy goods.It made remarkable results. Meanwhile Yiwu market also has other changes in 2011.

1 Constructing yixi production material market group to explore new fields. Its planning and construction is just the transformation and upgrade of yiwu market and an important step to adjust the economy structure. Try their best to set up the yixi production materials market group differ from the international trade mart, but at the same time it is associative with the international trade mart. It will promote yiwu market from a single horizontal extension(product categories extension)to horizontal and vertical extensions.By the way commodity chain will develop the better market, expand the coverage of the market, and further strengthen the gathering function of yiwu market.

2 Innovating the e-commerce development pattern and developing the new channel. Developing e-commerce is the strategic choice through which yiwu market conform to the trend of the globalization and informatization. E-commerce combined with physical market will produce the effect of 1 + 1 > 2.Enterprises should realize that speed up the the importance and urgency to develop e-commerce.

3 Developing the import, transit trade and constructing a new pattern. In 2011, through the perfect service system, it will attract more foreign manufacturing enterprises and importers to yiwu for running, come ture large-scale, branded import commodities trade and promote yiwu market from “export single way” to “import, export and transit trade platform ” . The trade structure transforms and upgrades from ” buying and selling in home” to ” buying and selling in the world”.

In addition,the model of fairs collectivization is completed preliminary .It is main to explore the transformation of fairs which is lead by government and develop the professional fairs, expand overseas fairs.

The commodity city in China will continue to lead the national commodity wholesale market. The market concentration and the central position will further strengthen. Its soft power, such as Yiwu index, commodity code, travel shopping, financial innovation etc, is rising. The quality of the market operators and the products are increasing significantly. Yixi market group has certain scale and formates modernized production material market which associates with international trade mart.

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