Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Center

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Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Center

Yiwu Meihu exhibition center is the host place of Yiwu commodities fair, which is always called China Commodities Exhibition Center. It covers 60 thousand square meters and the building area is 46500 square metes. It is a multi-functional pavilion which is used for expositions of both home and abroad, conferences, intellectual network, catering facilities and so on.

Meihu exhibition center is one of the largest scale pavilions in East China area. It is developed with quite good transportation conditions. On the west of this exposition center is Binwang Road, on the east is East Jiangdong Road, the northern part is the Sports Center, and there are quite many star-rated hotels which always serve for quite a lot of foreign clients during Yiwu Fair. The distance from Meihu Trade Exhibition to the train station is just 2 kilometers and it takes only 20 minutes to get to the airport.

Yiwu Meihu exhibition center consists of the main hall, the east and the west hall. And the vice-building in the northern part is used for services, conferences, offices, etc. Thus each part has a clear and definite function, and at the same time they are connected closely to each other. The characterics in architectual moulding are large-span and enormously designed. Every person who comes will feel quite comfortable when he see the spacious buildings.

Yiwu Meihu exhibition center is a multi-functional pavilion. The pedestrian flow, the physical distribution and the information flow have been taken into carefully consideration when building this fair. Cars can be driven directly into the market fair and quite many lifts and entrances are designed and built. We will feel the morden, intelligent, comfortable and relaxed environment in this center.

Yiwu Meihu exhibition center is quite an important pavilion for China Yiwu Commodities Fair. It provides a charming stage for economic and technical exchange for national and international clients. We can see a new beautiful exhibition city is growing up there!

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