Yiwu Commodity Market

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Yiwu Commodity Market

Yiwu, a small city in the middle of zhejiang province of China, is famous for its biggest small commodity markets. As the world’s largest small commodity market , currently most markets have already moved into International Trading Centre. Most people get to know YiWu from its small commodities. Here you can find all kinds of small commodities with competitive price and reliabel quality. In other words, small commodities make Yiwu a famous place in this ten years both in our contry and in foreign countries.

In the early Qianlong Year,Yiwu farmers began business activities by using the chicken-feather to change for sugar. It is the beginning of yiwu commodity business. Since the reform and opening policy carried out, Yiwu has decided to use the commodity industry as a main force to drive regional economy thus to have itself become a large market city and strong economy city from a traditional agricultural small county. Today, Yiwu appears a prosperous scene with a flourishing market, developing economy and steady society. The commodity industry has been leading industry in the regional economy. Yiwu market has been an international commodity distribution center and a important base for foreign merchants to purchase commodity. The industrial economy is rapidly aggregating and strengthening, and currently has developed and is exploiting industrial park areas of 64 square kilometers, with more than 1300 enterprises. It has also cultivated a group of predominant industries, scale enterprises and famous products of socks, ornaments, zippers, cosmetics, shirts, cultural articles, pen-making, toys, etc, formed industrial developing structure of small commodity, large industry, small enterprise, and large colonization. Efficient agriculture steadily develops, and traditional agriculture is rapidly shifting to modern agriculture, city agriculture and external agriculture.With core of the policy to develop, strengthen, centralize, promote and base developments on the tenet of exert market predominance. Yiwu is constructing industrial development situations of small commodity, large industry, small enterprise, and large colonization, while cultivating excellent industries and products such as garment, knitting, ornament, color printing, zipper etc., and forming a regionally characteristic economic area. In the future, Yiwu commodity market will develop in all multiaspect, exploits and innovates, puts forward the aim of walking in giant steps, and strives to become in the top 10 of world commodity fairs in the next 20 years and construct a truly international commodity city.

The domestic market is the root, and the international market is the flower and fruit. Injecting the Chinese national culture elements into commodity, let “small commodity” include “big culture”, Yiwu commodity market will conquer the world.

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