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Chinese wholesale clothing in Yiwu

Yiwu huangyuan chinese wholesale clothing market.The distribute of the five floor respectly is  leather,woman clothing,children clothing,pants,sleepcoat, woolen sweater,spotrs,shirt and so on,it is five big categories. Yiwu International Trade City District 3 also have the chinese wholesale clothing, and the location is on the third floor and fourth floor, International Trade City. Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, except […]

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Yiwu hosiery encountering disconcert

According to statistics, during the first half of this year, Yiwu socks industry’s exports amounted to $ 240 million,but last year the date is $ 688 million; On October,the news from Datang Town of Zhuji City that the  sock market of Zhejiang Datang Textile industry will be update. For a time, Yiwu hosiery market suffered […]

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Yiwu commodity city of Lianyungang open for business

On December 18, Lianyungang City, Yiwu commodities city flow into the ocean of people, more than 80,000 people came to watch the celebrations commodity city on the day, and visiting to shop. The people from urban areas, xugou, LianYun four counties flocking. The total operating area of Yiwu commodity city of Lianyungang is about 170,000 […]

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The twelfth Yiwu International Knitting and Garment Machinery Exhibition Closeed

The display platform of world’s leading hosiery and seamless underwear machinery and devices- “The twelfth china (Yiwu) International Knitting and Garment Machinery Exhibition”(here in after as” YIWU H & G 2011 “), it is successfully concluded on November 25, 2011. Exhibition of ” innovation, break through” as the theme by showing  the industry innovation, machinery […]

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Bluetooth Car Phone Kit in yiwu

It is really a big relief for those who are always on the go and need phone conversation whilst driving their vehicles. Yes, we are talking about a Bluetooth car phone kit. Doesn’t it sound like music to ears It surely does. There are many best-known manufacturers around the world  among Parrot, Nokia, Motorola,and Samsung […]

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Christmas products welcome a boom season in domestic

After the export of Christmas products come into end, the sales season in domestic has entered into boom. These days, in order to create a Christmas atmosphere of many domestic hotels, guest houses, shopping malls, theaters have sent buyers to come to Yiwu market to purchase Christmas items.

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In 2012 Spring period, Yiwu carry out real-name ticket system

this morning from Yiwu News learned that from January 1, 2012, Yiwu Railway ticketing system reformed, the passengers are requested to a real-name ticket (including origin station of Yiwu and all trips the train passed). when to buy the tickets and draw up at the station, you need to present a valid ID. Yiwu police […]

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The cooperation between Yiwu and North Korea

The day before yesterday, the five-day exchange trip of Korean National Sciences Academy Delegation  ends inYiwu, return to North Korea. And than the two sides will conduct more in-depth technical exchanges and cooperation.  in Yiwu, the delegation went to visit the market, industrial parks, hi-tech enterprises. Although the Korean economy is not strong, but research […]

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The Basics of Skin Care in this winter

With the winter coming ,nowadays the skin care become a hot issuel, so many skin damaging components in our everyday lives, there is a great need for counteraction. You can counteract these damaging components with great skin products. There are different types of lotion for different areas of skin however. You should always use a […]

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China yiwu international trade City Match trade to China Xiliu Trade City

Today news form ctei.gov.cn.repotred that Yiwu China Commodity City first cooperate with China Xiliu Trade City, powerful combination to make three strategic cooperation of opening new products on docking, docking business, docking investment. And on December 21 to 23, three-day commodity trading business matching will held in China Xiliu Trade City, the exhibition products related […]

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