China yiwu international trade City Match trade to China Xiliu Trade City

by | Dec 13, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Today news form that Yiwu China Commodity City first cooperate with China Xiliu Trade City, powerful combination to make three strategic cooperation of opening new products on docking, docking business, docking investment. And on December 21 to 23, three-day commodity trading business matching will held in China Xiliu Trade City, the exhibition products related to toys, accessories, daily necessities, imported goods and other industries, a total of 150 elite merchants will be joined, the two place put up a communication trade bridge by small commodities.

Yiwu is the largest small commodity wholesale market, which lasted more than 30 years development, Yiwu rely on small commodities made a famous article to world, creating a global business miracle. Currently, Yiwu market now has a business area of more than 470 million square meters, more than 70,000 commercial spaces, operating crafts, jewelry, toys, luggage, hardware, electronic appliances, sports, cosmetics, clocks, glasses, accessories, daily necessities, socks industry, cable, knitting cotton 16 big categories, 170 million single-product, export to 219 countries. Xiliu big market is one of the earliest, the largest and most influential clothing wholesale market of China.For a long time, Xiliu big market has made great history contributions to promote the development of textile and garment industry in Northeast region and North-South trade flows, and stimulating China domestic demand.
Those first cooperate between Yiwu China Small Commodity City and China XiliuTrade city, not only the long-awaited desire to two governments and the majority of businesses, but also adapt to the current international and domestic economic situation,it is the inevitable result.

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