Yiwu hosiery encountering disconcert

by | Dec 22, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

According to statistics, during the first half of this year, Yiwu socks industry’s exports amounted to $ 240 million,but last year the date is $ 688 million; On October,the news from Datang Town of Zhuji City that the  sock market of Zhejiang Datang Textile industry will be update. For a time, Yiwu hosiery market suffered “internal and external disconcert”, the industry insider estimates, Yiwu hosiery industry encountering disconcert in the next half year.
Socks  in Datang Town of Zhuji City started in the 1970s, prospered in the 1990s. Many people in DaTang said the socks production by their town is   accounts for 65% of national output. In 2002, the town was built Zhejiang Datang Socks Textile City, which claimed more than million dollars the city earned in turnover.According to statistics, Zhejiang Datang Socks Textile City is divided into four big market of textile raw materials, hosiery, hosiery machine and logistics .
However, On December 18, Yiwu Hosiery Association Secretary-General Jinshan Fu has positively told reporters,the trend of Yiwu socks industry is taking the high road, which is substantially different to low-end market of Datang town; In addition, according to the sales data revealed by Yiwu Hosiery Association in 1-10 months of this year that once the downturn export was appeared warming trend.

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