Yiwu commodity city of Lianyungang open for business

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On December 18, Lianyungang City, Yiwu commodities city flow into the ocean of people, more than 80,000 people came to watch the celebrations commodity city on the day, and visiting to shop. The people from urban areas, xugou, LianYun four counties flocking.
The total operating area of Yiwu commodity city of Lianyungang is about 170,000 square meters, the management of the industry including the “three-city, three museum and a street”, “Three Cities” refers to theCommodity City, Garment City, building materials city, “three Hall” is the International Leather Museum, the International Home Museum, Museum of famous discount outlets, and the last”a street” is a style of food court.
The business of commodities city opened is 1-2 layers,which the three themes is small commodity city ,Garment City, the International Leather Museum Hall. Goods within the whole city is divided into A, B two districts, a total of five road, thirteen road. Operation about 30 million products in 12 categories, including merchandise, men and women clothing, bags, furs, shoes, knitting textile,clothing, toys, sports office, small appliances, hardware, etc.,it can be described as truly goods marine, purchasing paradise.

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