The cooperation between Yiwu and North Korea

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The day before yesterday, the five-day exchange trip of Korean National Sciences Academy Delegation  ends inYiwu, return to North Korea. And than the two sides will conduct more in-depth technical exchanges and cooperation.  in Yiwu, the delegation went to visit the market, industrial parks, hi-tech enterprises.

Although the Korean economy is not strong, but research can not be ignored, the highway software device  in Anhui Province of China are producted from the Korean national.Now Yiwu has 16 home electronics industry business executives launched a discussion with the Korean National Sciences Academy, to present their product and the technical they neede etc.

In addition to technology,talents needs, Yiwu entrepreneurs are very concerned about North Korea’s consumer market, they hope to lead yiwu commodity to Korean market. and the Korean National Academy head welcomed and made related presentations. For example,in the capital of Pyongyang, 70% of families have to use energy-saving lamps, but there are only two domestic manufacturers, so the market potential is huge.
Part of Yiwu business units also signed a cooperation agreement  with the delegation, including the introduction talents to animation game software development, environmental science and technology cooperation agreements, trade technology and equipment purchase agreement ,and the exchange of visits of trade agreements. The delegation leader said that Yiwu has the world’s commodity markets, with the rapid economic development, they hope to strengthen the cooperation in technical, human, economic and trade exchanges  to get mutual benefit, and will actively seek to establish liaison offices in Yiwu, to facilitate follow-up communication .

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