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The18th machinery exhibition will be held in yiwu

The yiwu 18th machinery exhibition-printing and packaging galleries (abbreviation: yiwu printing and packaging exhibition) of 2012 will be held in yiwu MeiHu exhibition center on 21-23 October,2012. yiwu printing and packaging fair sponsored by the people’s republic of the commerce ministry, the China council promotion of international trade, China light industry association, China commercial association, the government of […]

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Yiwu scarves

Scarves industry is one of the rising industries in recent years, in Yiwu. Yiwu market growth and development led to the expansion of the field of apparel textile industry, clothing industry, market division of labor is getting smaller. Currently, Yiwu scarves industry is still in scattered state, has not yet appeared industry leader. Small scarves […]

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The petit-point work

The petit-poit work , also called silk-gauze-stiched embroidery, is an aged-old needle-work that is popular among the people. The main idea of this handicraft is to embroider with colored threads, stitch by stitch, strictly according to the warp and weft patterns on the fabric. The stitches of the embroidery are multifarious and complicated. It makes […]

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China e-commerce capital – Yiwu

Yiwu, the world famous China Commodity City, now has a new title – China e-commerce capital. Numerous entrepreneurs initial build their network business with little money of hundred or thousands RMB, just a few years, earning a fortune. E-commerce seems to be a “create Dream Works” for the local young people. ”yiwu has more than […]

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PVA mop wholesale

PVA mop wholesale Features: (1) this product is a PVA polymer mop head glue cotton, cotton head very thin, filtered particularly good, harmless to human body. High density, can be filtered to the eye can not see things at the same time softened water pressure. Also test water quality, chemical pollution of different display different […]

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The applique articles

The applique articles have been handed down among the chinese people for ages. The art and craft of applique and hand embroidery include children’s toys and daily necessities including children’s caps, shoes,over sleees,ear-pillows. There are also cloth tigers, cloth-unicorns and other ornamental toys. it is said that cloth-tigers and unicorns have the power to exorcise […]

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Yiwu exhibition layouting to the world

Learned from relevant departments, according to incomplete statistics, as of now, this year more than 50 companies of the city have participated in the overseas exhibition. Exhibits mainly related to hairdressing classes, stationery, office supplies, paper category, toys, gifts, household goods and other industries.According to the oversea exhibition plans of Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce […]

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