PVA mop wholesale

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PVA mop wholesale
(1) this product is a PVA polymer mop head glue cotton, cotton head very thin, filtered particularly good, harmless to human body. High density, can be filtered to the eye can not see things at the same time softened water pressure. Also test water quality, chemical pollution of different display different colors. For example: ferrous chloride in the water filter red; filtered water containing quinone display black. Not only absorbent, but also to water, can absorb several times more than its own weight of water.
(2) the glue cotton using environmentally friendly materials, wood pulp imported specially made, and thus toughness, super absorbent, absorbent cotton, several times the ordinary rubber.
(3) carbon steel product manufacturing, light and hard. Six-bar the use of mechanical principles, the wisdom center lock link, use lightweight, safe, convenient, lighter than traditional PVA mop twice.
(4) adsorption of hair, dust, juice, etc. with excellent results, juice spilled on the ground, quickly adsorbed, keep the floor clean and fresh, dragged over the ground without leaving water marks, to walk without leaving footprints.
(5) the mop has a number of international patents, one uses a unique two-piece extrusion method, you can easily glue cotton packed in clean water, and second, plastic snap vote count cotton, washed Cotton requires only a few seconds.
(6) “home will be clean” magic mop, so you can easily clean the house clean, and also can be used to clean glass, windows, furniture, ceilings, etc. with excellent results, is currently the most advanced a PVA mop.
Tile floor; ground itself is relatively smooth, and will not absorb water, so it is easy to use mop up easily.
Marble, granite floors: the ground is smooth and does not absorb water, so easy to use.
Wood floors, the ground is smooth, the floor itself has some absorbent, easy to mold the floor, because our super-absorbent mop, you can drain the water on board, is the real, floor mop.
Terrazzo floor, the ground is not very smooth, has some ground control and resistance, so drag the industry more demanding, the conclusion is difficult to use, but can be used.
Concrete floor: the ground is not smooth, friction and resistance to large, easy to damage the cotton head, reducing the use of cotton head time, drag up more demanding, conclusions, difficult to use, but can also be used.
Asphalt surface, rough surface, friction and resistance, is easy to damage the cotton head, reducing the use of time cotton head, drag up more demanding, difficult to use, but can also be used.
Mud on the ground; not using this to mopping the floor. Absolutely can not use!
1, the first use of cotton soaked in water before the glue about 3-6 minutes, to soften you can use.
2, Do not exposure, after each use, keep the amount of water to facilitate the next use, and extend the life of plastic cotton.
3, the product is not used as more than 7 days will result in dry and hard, hard dry after use, soak in water to soften before use. Found the mop head without hardened Kaifeng, but please do not mind, it is normal does not affect the product quality and use of natural water into the softened
PVA mop wholesale

PVA mop wholesale

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