Yiwu exhibition layouting to the world

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Learned from relevant departments, according to incomplete statistics, as of now, this year more than 50 companies of the city have participated in the overseas exhibition. Exhibits mainly related to hairdressing classes, stationery, office supplies, paper category, toys, gifts, household goods and other industries.According to the oversea exhibition plans of Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce this year, facing the European and American businessmen and the Middle East businessmen, the show is still the focus of the city’s corporate exhibitions, the range of the show is also concentrated in stationery, office supplies, paper category, gifts, household goods and other industries. Among them, the International Office Products Fair in Germany Frankfurt, Hong Kong international Gifts & Premium Fair, the U.S. International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago are the shows that the city participate in successive years.

In addition, the city also continues to develop new overseas exhibition projects, and actively explore new markets. Held in January this year, the Hong Kong Fashion Week for fall and winter, in July, organized the South African International Trade Exhibition, Hong Kong Fashion Week for spring and summer, quality of life in Hong Kong Expo, held in August, the Hong Kong International Food Exhibition, they are new foreign exhibiton project of this year.City Exhibition Office Director Liu jintu said: “The momentum going of exhibition industry is very good . The city from 2009 Fair held in Dubai, the first exhibition start, all these years we have organized the overseas exhibitions of the yiwu Fair. strengthen international exchange and cooperation to achieve leveraging development. “
Liu jintu said , in the future, the city will be up, out to seek resources to expand the channels, leveraging the Ministry of Commerce, the National Trade Promotion support and further strengthen and expand overseas exhibition. With the model of the oversea exhibition for the yiwu Fair , organized groups of self-organized by the Ministry of Commerce of China in overseas trade fairs; overseas unfolding the road exhibition with the form of running the exhibition of yiwu fair ,  it makes our city a world-renowned exhibition city

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