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Scarves industry is one of the rising industries in recent years, in Yiwu. Yiwu market growth and development led to the expansion of the field of apparel textile industry, clothing industry, market division of labor is getting smaller. Currently, Yiwu scarves industry is still in scattered state, has not yet appeared industry leader.
Small scarves knitting a largest market
Yiwu International Trade City 4 district is a major focus area of Yiwu scarves foreign trade. Here merchants of purchaseing scarves and Futian 4 district of the domestic professional street buyers , form  two scarves markets. These two places, a large number of scarves sent every day around the world. Statistics show that China exported 90% of scarves in Yiwu market, and worldwide sales of scarves, from Yiwu market, with 80%.
“Recently yiwu weather is a little cooler, trade business is also well, domestic sales only just begun.”the clerk of International Trade City in four districts engaged in foreign trade scarves Wang told reporters after the start of domestic sales, they will shift some attention from the domestic trade to foreign trade . Scarves foreign business in general can be done throughout the year, but domestic sales only a few months. Four district in the Futian scarves professional street ,  crowded scarves shops, people see that the industry will be on the rise. It is understood that this less than 1 km long scarf professional street has nearly 500 scarves stores, its sales accounted for the majority of sales within the city’s scarves.

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