Yiwu International Trade service Center will officially opened on 6 January.2012

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Yiwu International Trade service Center trial run on yesterday, and it will officially opened on 6 January.2012.
It is understood that Yiwu International Trade Service Center is located in 279 North Riverside BinWang Road of Yiwu(formerly 365 convenient service centers located). It is a total of six floor, both the second floor and the third floor have a handle affairs hall, the first floor has 6 departments foreign service window of IESS human labor, business bureau, Overseas officer, Trade and Industry Bureau, the National Security Bureau, Civil Aviation Authority and so on. the second floor window is the exit-Entry Administration foreign service window, all matters of foreign service are handling by  the way of window.
Yiwu international trade service center working time is: 9:00 ~ 11:30.am; 13:00 ~17:00.pm. Starting today, all matters of foreign service original handled in yiwu city public security bureau, human social security bureau, bureau of commerce and the national security bureau, industrial and commercial bureau, Overseas officer, and the civil aeronautics administration department those seven sector are all moved into the yiwu international trade service center.
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