The petit-point work

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The petit-poit work , also called silk-gauze-stiched embroidery, is an aged-old needle-work that is popular among the people.
The main idea of this handicraft is to embroider with colored threads, stitch by stitch, strictly according to the warp and weft patterns on the fabric. The stitches of the embroidery are multifarious and complicated. It makes beautiful decorations . The colors used are either in sharp contrast with, or in minute diffrences from each other. Sometimes various patterns ,even a pattern within a pattern ,are created with patches of the same color by combining different stitches. In addition, the changing of the directions of threads in the pattern may also present a change of luster, which will surely add beauty and elegance to the work.
On the basis of this folk craft, the embroiderers of yiwu have made serious studies and invented more than 100 new stitches. They have made further developments in subject matter, in design and in harmonizing colored threads. The petit-poit work is highly praised for both its practicality and excellence as artistic works.
If you are intersted in the petit-point work, please contact us soon, Yiwu amanda will offer what you want and what you need!
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