The computer city of Yiwu communications market has been ” 10 years old”

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As the first profession market in yiwu which mainly sale 3C product, the computer city of yiwu communications market on December 28, 2001 was born, so far been ” 10 years old”.
10 years, this market has gone through three expansion, from the first four floors 1300 square meters overall business area in region D, has developed into the large professional 3 C market which has owned more than 200 merchants, 14000 square meters business area.
Resident are actually saw the economic development and prosperity of yiwu city, and the computer city is one of the epitome,and the merchants are experienced the development process that the computer city from a little-known market transiting into imbarking base for local and foreign ordinary entrepreneur.
It is heard that on the tenth anniversary, yiwu computer city united its merchant gived a Thanksgiving feedback from December 29 to the New Year’s period, a series of activities holded: “coming with a gift” , “buying with a Special Lucky Draw” , the special award is a dell tablet computer, and the apple, SONY, samsung, dell, HP, lenovo, nikon, Canon, acer brand shop from home and abroad have launched a series favourable activity.
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