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Yiwu hand tools factory

Yiwu hand tools factory If you have visited Yiwu China international trade city. You may find almost all hand tools in district 2. Have you ever been confused about the low price of these hand tools here? The only explain is that all because of Yiwu hand tools factory. These hand tools factories in Yiwu […]

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Yiwu jewelry building

Yiwu jewelry building If you want to take jewelry as your next manager item, you’d better to visit Yiwu jewelry building first, these fashion jewelers here will give the surprise over your image. Yiwu jewelry building is located in Yiwu China international trade city district 1. There are all kinds of hair ornaments and other […]

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Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu

Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu If you have already made the plane visiting Yiwu market on your timetable, you should consider where to stay during the trip, and book a hotel before your journey. There is a quite wonderful choice for you, which is Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu. The location of Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu is […]

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Communications market Yiwu

Communications market Yiwu Yiwu communications market is the high-tech investment Yiwu bureau professional market. The market has a business area of 3,500 square meters. On January 18th, 2000, it was opened; the computer city of communications market has been more than 10 years old. Yiwu communications market will become a leading communications market in East […]

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Yiwu fake market

Yiwu fake market Have you ever heard of Yiwu fake market before? If you like something really cheap, and do not mind the brand so much, then you can go to the fake market to find some commodities with mid-quality and low price beyond your imagination. Usually we do not call the market Yiwu fake […]

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Yiwu eyewear wholesaler

Yiwu eyewear wholesaler If you are looking for a supplier who can offer you eyewear with good quality and price, the Yiwu eyewear wholesalers will be you suitable choice. Yiwu eyewear wholesalers always have their own booth in international trade city district 3. The location of Yiwu eyewear & sunglasses market is on the 3rd […]

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Yiwu daily use item

Yiwu daily use item Yiwu daily use item is one of the most important commodity items in the history of Yiwu market development. If you are going to pay a visit to Yiwu, no matter for purchase or traveling, you can’t miss the market of Yiwu daily use item. The daily use item is mainly […]

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Yiwu customs clearance

Yiwu customs clearance As the fasting development of Yiwu commodity export, Yiwu customs clearance is required to speed up to meet the demand of daily exportation. Yiwu customs Office is located in Yiwu international trade city block F. there are a row of trucks loaded with commodities pass the monitored area of Yiwu Customs, receiving […]

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Yiwu China Futian market

Yiwu China Futian market Yiwu China Futian market is another name of Yiwu international trade city, or Yiwu market. There are totally 5 districts up to now. There is another article introduce district 1 to district 4, you can get full information by reading that article named Yiwu Futian market. This essay will give you […]

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Order in Yiwu

Order in Yiwu If you are a global wholesaler who wants to get you purchase from Yiwu suppliers, or a local supplier who wants to get order from foreign businessmen, you may have the trouble of putting order in Yiwu. It will be difficult for you to choose a suitable platform. Now everything becomes easier, […]

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