Communications market Yiwu

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Communications market Yiwu
Yiwu communications market is the high-tech investment Yiwu bureau professional market. The market has a business area of 3,500 square meters. On January 18th, 2000, it was opened; the computer city of communications market has been more than 10 years old.
Yiwu communications market will become a leading communications market in East China. Yiwu communications market manages mobile phone, telephone, computer hardware and software and other communication terminals and accessories based professional markets, brings together Shanghai Bell, the Shenzhen Huawei, Motorola, TCL , IBM, Lenovo, and other well-known enterprise products, computer and communications industries gathered in the well-known brands of agents. Communications market Yiwu will improve communication function facilities, and standardized service management, low operating costs, the vast number of companies providing business image building, brand publicity, the best window display products.
Yiwu communications market has strategic location, convenient transportation, and suitable business climate. All in all you will get a satisfying purchase in this Yiwu market. When you have come to communications market of Yiwu, you will not missing Yiwu electronics market.

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