Yiwu fake market

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Yiwu fake market
Have you ever heard of Yiwu fake market before? If you like something really cheap, and do not mind the brand so much, then you can go to the fake market to find some commodities with mid-quality and low price beyond your imagination.
Usually we do not call the market Yiwu fake market, but we call it Yiwu night market. The market is just besides Bingwang market, and opens once the night falls. There isn’t any building but an 800-meters-long street, with large amount of booths along. Commodities sold in night market are not all fake ones, but we can see lots of fake brands here. Such as NIKE, ADDIDAS, Puma, D&G…These logos are printed on all kinds of things: handbags, clothes, shoes, sun glasses, belts, watches… even on bras and shorts. The quality level is also middle level, suit most customers.
If you happen to stay in a hotel nearby, like Yiwu Hotel, you can explore Yiwu fake market by yourself, the street would never let you down.

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