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Climate condition in Yiwu China

Climate condition in Yiwu China If you have planed to come to Yiwu sometime, you may consider of the climate condition in Yiwu China. According to the climate condition in Yiwu you can decide what to wear and bring with you. Yiwu is a city of subtropical monsoon climate, the average temperature of year is […]

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Yiwu Suofeite Hotel

Yiwu Suofeite Hotel   If you have a plane to visit Yiwu for traveling or purchase, where to live may be an important question. Through this essay we’ll give some information of Yiwu Suofeite Hotel, perhaps, the information could be helpful for you. Yiwu Suofeite Hotel is located in the core area of the central […]

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Yiwu China wholesale market

Yiwu China wholesale market Yiwu is the largest commodity city in the planet, famous for commodity city and huge products range in the market. The commodities in Yiwu market are not at retail, but for wholesale, so the city named Yiwu China wholesale market. The whole Yiwu city is like a supper market, the booth […]

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Jinjiang Inn Yiwu

Jinjiang Inn Yiwu Are you going to take a short stay in Yiwu? Have you already booked a hotel to live in? If you are trying to find an excellent business hotel, which is clean and spacious with affordable price, then Jinjiang Inn Yiwu will offer you the service you want. The Jinjiang Inn (Yiwu) […]

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Yiwu SSAW Huafeng Hotel

Yiwu SSAW Huafeng Hotel Booking a comfortable hotel is a quite necessary thing before your journey.  A nice hotel will bring a nice stay. This essay will tell you about Yiwu SSAW Huafeng hotel, another good choice in Yiwu. This 4 star hotel located near the city center, it is quite convenient to go the […]

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Car accessories Yiwu

Car accessories Yiwu Yiwu car accessories market is an important part of Yiwu market. There is a professional auto parts street near international trade city, district 1. If you want to find car accessories Yiwu, that is the must-go place for you. Car accessories in the street contain six different branches: zone auto supplies, auto […]

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Yiwu foreigners

Yiwu foreigners When you are wondering in the yiwu street, you can easily find different colors of people around you. Yiwu is a city that you can hardly find on the map of the world, but 200 thousand foreigners gathering here. Obviously they are attracted by the huge Yiwu market and potential opportunities. Yiwu international […]

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Kitchenware and dinnerware buy from Yiwu

Kitchenware and dinnerware buy from Yiwu Kitchen is an important place in daily life, and suitable kitchen cabinets will make people more enjoy their life. Nice kitchenware will give the cook nice mood, nice dinnerware could bring the whole family happiness. Kitchenware and dinnerware from Yiwu can meet all above demands, we advise you think […]

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Yiwu China commodity city

Yiwu China commodity city Yiwu is famous as the whole of China and even Asia’s largest distribution center for small commodities. Chinese people know Yiwu as China commodity city. Most visitors regard Yiwu as a huge market. If you are a businessman, here will be your paradise. In resent 30 year, local people and government […]

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Yiwu international

Yiwu international What do you think about Yiwu international, it perhaps means that Yiwu is an international city, If you are a seller in your country and want to find Chinese suppliers, there is no doubt that Yiwu should be your best choice. Yiwu international is reflected in different fields. On one hand, Yiwu is […]

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