Yiwu eyewear wholesaler

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Yiwu eyewear wholesaler
If you are looking for a supplier who can offer you eyewear with good quality and price, the Yiwu eyewear wholesalers will be you suitable choice.
Yiwu eyewear wholesalers always have their own booth in international trade city district 3. The location of Yiwu eyewear & sunglasses market is on the 3rd floor. Most of the wholesalers here also have factories. They produce eyeglasses, sunglasses, protective eyewear, and eyewear accessories. You can get almost all kinds of eyewear from the wholesalers, you can be allowed to have mixed designs and mixed colors, but every wholesaler has the minimum order quantity. These eyewear wholesalers mainly come from Zhejiang province and Guangdong province, in which there are famous manufacturing cities, such as Wenzhou and Shantou.
Glasses industry is one of the strongest industries of Yiwu, so that you could believe on the dependable quality of all the products offered by Yiwu eyewear wholesaler.

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