Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu

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Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu

If you have already made the plane visiting Yiwu market on your timetable, you should consider where to stay during the trip, and book a hotel before your journey. There is a quite wonderful choice for you, which is Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu.

The location of Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu is CHENGBEI Road, nearby the international trade city. It is very convenient for you to have you purchase in the market. It takes you just a few minutes to work to Futian market. The hotel has been noble and elegant decorated. It offers high quality service by supplying 83 suites of deluxe staterooms and business suites. You can also enjoy 5 satellite channels as you like. There are also some recreation facilities in the hotel; you can relax yourself after one-day’s work. Of course, if you are not so tired you can have a look at Yiwu night market, where you can find something really cheap.

Do you have any question about Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu? What we can do is answer all your questions, and make your journey comfortable, because we are you reliable Yiwu agent.

There are many hotels in Yiwu, such as: Yiwu SSAW Huafeng Hotel, Yiwu Kingdom Hotel, and Yiwu Yihe Hotel. Hope you have a nice time in Yiwu.

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