Yiwu China Futian market

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Yiwu China Futian market
Yiwu China Futian market is another name of Yiwu international trade city, or Yiwu market. There are totally 5 districts up to now. There is another article introduce district 1 to district 4, you can get full information by reading that article named Yiwu Futian market.
This essay will give you new information of Yiwu China Futian market – District 5. District five founded on 5 may, 2011. Market located in the south of Yiwu integrity Avenue, west and connecting International Trade City four districts, convenient traffic, and unique location. Market area of 266.2 acres, building area of 640,000 square meters, total investment of 1.42 billion Yuan, five points on the ground, two basements, It has more than 7,000 commercial spaces and mainly doing imported goods, bedding, textiles, knitted materials, automotive supplies and accessories industry. The market of Yiwu China Futian market are including Yiwu Craft Market, Yiwu automobile and accessories market, Yiwu African product market, Yiwu health product market etc. All these districts are no smoking, but with smoking room on each floor.
If you can get a chance to drive a car or take a taxi along Futian Road, you can see all scene of Yiwu China Futian market.

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