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Yiwu commodity market

Yiwu commodity market Yiwu commodity market is the huge wonder for Chinese economic development, hundreds of thousands small commodities products are spread in related market and they all have a nice reputation.  Yiwu commodity market have experienced more than 30 years, and nowadays it has developed into some advantages lines products, like accessories, zip, toys, […]

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Where is Yiwu?

Where is Yiwu? Where is Yiwu? It’s here. Yiwu is located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang province, China. It is in the east of China, which is face to the east sea. It is in the middle place of Zhejiang province. Where is Yiwu? It’s here, Yiwu own the biggest wholesale market, and thousands of products […]

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Markets in Yiwu

Markets in Yiwu Markets in Yiwu are very popular, and many businessmen from the world would like to buy the products in Yiwu markets. Whether retailers or wholesalers, they all willing to buy the products there and markets in Yiwu also provide lots of products. Markets in Yiwu are very busy and every day so […]

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Futian Yiwu

Futian Yiwu Futian Yiwu is very popular and it is also called international trade city, it is located in Futian Road. Along the road, the whole market is Futian market.  It is obviously that Futian Yiwu is the biggest market among Yiwu market. Futian market usually divide into five parts, different parts in the markets […]

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Yiwu market

Yiwu market Yiwu market is very big, alone international trade city already could make you vertigo, let alone Huangyuan market, Binwang market, Xingzhong ornament market and jewelry market.  As the needs of the society development, Yiwu market has developed many new special products streets one by one. Like the specialized door streets, that is located in Xiawang […]

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Yiwu market closing time 2012

Yiwu market closing time 2012 Yiwu has a lot of markets which seated in different areas along the different roads and streets. As 2012 is another new year, many businessmen from the world would doubt when is Yiwu market closed time in 2012? Ok, let me help you, Yiwu market closing time 2012 most of […]

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Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu

Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu If you have already made the plane visiting Yiwu market on your timetable, you should consider where to stay during the trip, and book a hotel before your journey. There is a quite wonderful choice for you, which is Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu. The location of Wang Shang Hotel Yiwu is […]

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Yiwu SSAW Huafeng Hotel

Yiwu SSAW Huafeng Hotel Booking a comfortable hotel is a quite necessary thing before your journey.  A nice hotel will bring a nice stay. This essay will tell you about Yiwu SSAW Huafeng hotel, another good choice in Yiwu. This 4 star hotel located near the city center, it is quite convenient to go the […]

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Yiwu photos

Yiwu photos Did you searching Yiwu photos? It will not depart from the market in Yiwu. The Yiwu photos firstly listed is Yiwu market. Yiwu market: International trade city, Huangyuan market and many professional streets consist of a comprehensive market in Yiwu. International trade city: It is the distribution and selling center for small commodities […]

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Yiwu carry case & bag

Yiwu carry case & bag Did you plan wholesaling Yiwu carry case & Bag now? Next month Yiwu will hold a carry case & bag and material equipment exhibition, the detail time is on April 13 to 15 days, you could not miss the fair. As you know Yiwu carry case & bag on the […]

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