Futian Yiwu

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Futian Yiwu

Futian Yiwu is very popular and it is also called international trade city, it is located in Futian Road. Along the road, the whole market is Futian market. 

It is obviously that Futian Yiwu is the biggest market among Yiwu market. Futian market usually divide into five parts, different parts in the markets are showing different kinds of products. 

Futian Yiwu is the trends for China small commodities development, and everyday, the shops open all day, there has market, production enterprise marketing center, commodity procurement center and ware house and Dinning room. They are connecting altogether, and the Futian Yiwu comes out. 

 Futian Yiwu shows many kinds of small commodities over there, and the place has an excellent design and it has more than thirty thousand shops there. What’s more, about 92 percent of its products are sold overseas; they are more than one hundred and sixty countries which have done business over there. 

Futian Yiwu is a huge construction and it connects with high-tech design, and newest information and other business characteristics. The market is freight unobstructed flow and it equipped useful information. 

Futian Yiwu is full of business atmosphere, if you have your own business, why do not come here? Always remember that our Yiwu agent is always on your side. 

Futian Yiwu

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