Yiwu market closing time 2012

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Yiwu market closing time 2012

Yiwu has a lot of markets which seated in different areas along the different roads and streets. As 2012 is another new year, many businessmen from the world would doubt when is Yiwu market closed time in 2012?

Ok, let me help you, Yiwu market closing time 2012 most of them all the same as the past years. In international trade city, district 1, it is usually closed at 5 o’clock pm. In the district three, the market usually closed at 4: 30 pm, and like that one by one closed. In the district 2, the market usually closed at 4: 50 pm, some shops will close, and then another, one by one.

If you are going there, please do not worry, time is always enough time for you to visit. Yiwu market closing time 2012 are closed much loser than before, and they do welcome customers even it going to be late.  

Almost all the markets in Yiwu are closed at the same time. In Huangyuan market, the whole market usually closed at 5:00 pm. As to Yiwu furniture market, it usually closed after 5:00 pm. Many be some shops closed much earlier, some others are much later. 

There are also have MeiHu Stock Street, which usually closed around 5:30 pm in Beijing time. Bing wang night market is later and it is closed after 11:30 o’clock. 

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