Yiwu photos

Did you searching Yiwu photos? It will not depart from the market in Yiwu.
The Yiwu photos firstly listed is Yiwu market.
Yiwu market: International trade city, Huangyuan market and many professional streets consist of a comprehensive market in Yiwu.
yiwu marekt photo

yiwu marekt photo

International trade city: It is the distribution and selling center for small commodities in Yiwu.
The second Yiwu photo is huangyuan clothing market.
Huangyuan market: is a newly built, professional Yiwu clothes market
The third Yiwu photo is Professional Street:
yiwu professional street photo

yiwu professional street photo

Left 1: Sports& stationary
Left medium: underwear
Left bottom: suitcase accessories
Right 1: scarf
Right medium: stationary
Right bottom: bra& underwear
The last Yiwu photo is the night scene of Yiwu, here I will write something about Yiwu nightlife.
Yiwu nightlife: when people finished their hard work in the daytime, they will relax themselves in the night. There are many activities and recreational center.
yiwu night scene photo

yiwu night scene photo