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Yiwu jewelry market

Yiwu jewelry market Yiwu market is the most famous and largest wholesale market all over the world. Yiwu international trade city is the largest market among Yiwu market. Yiwu jewelry market is the famous market in Yiwu. There are many jewelry manufactures in Yiwu, which located in second floor, district 1of china Yiwu international trade […]

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Yiwu Futian

Yiwu Futian Yiwu futian market is also called china international tourism trade city of zhejiang province or Yiwu international tourism city. It contains five areas, which has 10007 shops, and specialized in craft gifts、ornaments、toys、flower and enterprise marketing center. Yiwu is the largest small commodity distribution center all over the world. It has been named "the […]

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Yiwu furniture market

Yiwu furniture market Yiwu furniture market is located at the junction of guangqingfan village and longhui village. If you want to be there, you can take k16 or 100 buses, the bus works from 6:00 to 17:50. Yiwu furniture market is the only large-scale professional furniture market approved by the government. There are products of […]

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Yiwu exhibition

Yiwu exhibition Profting from the significant market advantage, there will be major Yiwu exhibition held in every moth.If Yiwu China international trade city is the landmark of Yiwu, then the china Yiwu international commodities fair is the most important festival of Yiwu. The Yiwu exbition is held in the china commodity city expo center in october, since […]

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Yiwu commodity city

Yiwu commodity city Since Yiwu city is famous for its small commodities products, it is also called Yiwu commodity city. Every day, there are many businessmen come to Yiwu city and they buy the wholesale products over there.  Yiwu commodity city set up in 1982. Through the leaders’ instruction, Yiwu commodity city has changed a […]

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Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel

Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel Are you trying to find a cheaper and nicer and more convenient hotel in Yiwu? Then I strongly advise you to go to Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel. Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel is located in No 797, North Chouzhou Road, Yiwu City. It has a nice location and it is very convenient […]

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Yiwu city in china

Yiwu city in china Yiwu city in China is a small city compare with others city, but it enjoys a high reputation among the world.  Yiwu city in China is very important at present, and it has the world biggest wholesale market, which attract many businessmen from the world. Yiwu city concentrate many businessmen altogether, […]

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Yiwu china wholesale market

Yiwu china wholesale market Yiwu china wholesale market is very large,and it includes many diffrent markets, like , Yiwu digital marketplace, Yiwu China international trade city, Yiwu furniture market, Yiwu auto market and Yiwu night market.These markets contains thousands of products with different style. Yiwu china wholesale market is the world largest wholesale market of […]

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Yiwu Yiwu is very nice and it has many beautiful landscapes over there, the wholesale markets and it is also a nice spot for many tourists. There it shows many different kinds of culture and products there.  The location of Yiwu is rather perfect, it connect with other cities very convenient and the transportation in […]

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Www Yiwu

Www Yiwu If you want to find out what is www.Yiwu on that website, first you should read this passage very carefully.  www.Yiwu is the introduction of Yiwu city, because Yiwu market is becoming more and more important among the world business. Yiwu city is also playing more and more important role in the world.  […]

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