Yiwu map

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Yiwu map

Yiwu is seated in Zhejiang province, China, Asia. The geographical coordinates is 29° 18' 31" North, 120° 4' 11" East. It is very easy to find in the map. 

Yiwu map is usually shows the important or necessary place of Yiwu market, some other important place also marks in Yiwu map.

Yiwu map could only show the exactly distribution of Yiwu. Actually, Yiwu city is in the middle of Zhejiang Province, it is near Hangzhou and Shanghai. 

Yiwu map can divide into thirteen or fourteen parts for its wholesale areas, except some towns along the side, like Shangxi Town or Yiting town and etc. The mainly business parts are concentrate in the middle of Yiwu city. 

Yiwu map shows exactly of which market is it. Since many markets are separated, almost every place shows a specialized product over there, it is very convenient. 

Yiwu map also make it clear about the exactly bus line. The buses which drive along the man road usually could arrive to the Yiwu market. If you are in the market and lost your way, the bus stops could show you the clear ways. 

For Yiwu map is not always could tell you all the ways, and then you could feel free to contact our No 1 Yiwu agent, and we will give your our best service.

Yiwu map

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