Yiwu Futian

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Yiwu Futian

Yiwu futian market is also called china international tourism trade city of zhejiang province or Yiwu international tourism city. It contains five areas, which has 10007 shops, and specialized in craft gifts、ornaments、toys、flower and enterprise marketing center.

Yiwu is the largest small commodity distribution center all over the world. It has been named "the largest market of the world" by international authoritative organization, such as The United Nations and The World Bank. Yiwu futian market is awarded of the china first AAAA grade for shopping tourism area.

Yiwu futian market is a modern wholesale market. It was divided into A、B、C、D、E、F、G、H areas. A、B、C、D、E are the first area, F、G、H are the second area. The third area includes four parts.

There are many businessman visiting here from all over the word everyday, because of the various products are in high quality and reasonable price.

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Yiwu Futian

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