Yiwu furniture market

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Yiwu furniture market

Yiwu furniture market is located at the junction of guangqingfan village and longhui village. If you want to be there, you can take k16 or 100 buses, the bus works from 6:00 to 17:50.

Yiwu furniture market is the only large-scale professional furniture market approved by the government.

There are products of high, middle and low grades and supports home and abroad.

The first underground floor deal in the basement of affordable furniture and office furniture, soft bed, rattan, metal glass furniture and support services area; the second floor deal in modern panel furniture, children' suite; the third floor is mahogany furniture and solid wood furniture, classic European-style furniture, wonderful space for furniture on the fourth floor; the fifth floor is the business district and home accessorized area, decorative design company.

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yiwu furniture market

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