Yiwu market guide

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Yiwu market is the world largest wholesale market of general merchandise..

From yiwu market guide, you can know that yiwu market is made from china yiwu international tradecity (district1,district2,district3,district4,distict5) and some local markets(yiwu funiture market,yiwu materitual&construction market,Yiwu huangyuan clothing market etc).

Yiwu market guide introduce Yiwu market from two parts:one is yiwu market history; one is yiwu market features. Let's talk about the feature of yiwu market.Yiwu market is the world's largest wholesale market of small commodities,,and zero-distance contact with suppliers,at the same time,you can see ,you can touch,you can take photos,huge designs for your choice.Yiwu markets opens 8 hours all day(9:00AM-5:OOPM),7days a week,365days a year.It is like a permanent tradeshow. The supplier can accept small quantity order, can agree mix lots of items in one container.

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