Yiwu jewelry market

Yiwu market is the most famous and largest wholesale market all over the world. Yiwu international trade city is the largest market among Yiwu market.

Yiwu jewelry market is the famous market in Yiwu. There are many jewelry manufactures in Yiwu, which located in second floor, district 1of china Yiwu international trade city. In this area, different jewelries have been displayed next with each other. It is believed that many customs find a paradise for jewelry wholesales.

In yiwu jewelry market, sample can not be bought in a booth. Because they always just have a sample for each kind. But sometimes a few booths will offer free samples if you have a strong desire to place an order. Most booths prefer to buy a sample first and then deduct this fee from your future orders. It is true that buying a sample is much more expensive than the wholesale price, but still much cheaper than the retail price in stores.

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