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Yiwu starbucks

Yiwu starbucks The first Starbucks coffee shop in Yiwu Yihe Hotel opened its doors on the first floor. The industry believes that the international coffee giant’s sales come on the one hand to fill vacancies in the local coffee brands, but also to the already saturated the coffee industry to bring new competition in the […]

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YiWu YiHe Hotel

YiWu YiHe Hotel YiWu YiHe Hotel is a deluxe four star business hotel which is built according to international standards and is a subsidiary company of ZheJiang World Trade Management Company. Located in the business and commercial centre-HongKong Town and with the Small Commodity City and BinWang Market,Yiwu Night Market nearby, the traffic of YiWu […]

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Yiwu Car Rental

Yiwu Car Rental Wanna enjoy a driving tour in such wonderful season? No car? It doesn’t matter.Yiwu Car Rental, a comprehensive large leasing company in Yiwu will help you solve the problem. The company is engaged in providing car rental and MPV rental with different classes and even generation drive service etc. New car = […]

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Yiwu massage

Now many foreigners choose massage to relax their body after working in the China international trade city a whole day.Doing massage will enable the development of skin telangiectasia, increased skin elasticity, muscle contraction and stretching to promote and improve the human body function, accelerate the lymphatic flow and enhance human immunity. You could choose 4 ways […]

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Different section in Yiwu Market

There are four different sections in Yiwu Market now,they are International Trade market District 1,District2,District3 and District4. The different section has different function. China Yiwu International Trade City District 1 market laid the foundation stone in October, 2001; and officially put into operation on 22 October, 2002. The market covers an area of 420 mu […]

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Yiwu sightseeing

Yiwu sightseeing places are not as well-known as its prosperous commodity industry. More than 2000 years ago, Yiwu was just a small county, called Wushang. After the year 624, the county got its current name and then in 1988 Yiwu was upgraded to a county-level city. For the historical travel attraction places, you can go […]

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Yiwu history

Yiwu history   This is the brief Yiwu history. Yiwu City located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, covers a land area of 1,105 sq km in total, with about 0.7 million local permanent residents and over 1 million migrant workers and merchants. Yiwu boasts a long history, which was formed as Wushang County in […]

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Why buy from Yiwu

Most foreign businessmen offten ask a question:Why should I buy from Yiwu? Let us tell you the reason: According to statistics of Yiwu City, there are currently more than 13,000 permanent local foreign purchaser to buy from Yiwu factories in Yiwu market. By the end of 2010, the number of resident offices of foreign enterprises […]

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Yiwu Stocks

Yiwu Stocks Yiwu stock market is located in Yiwu Zhejiang Province, China. It was founded in 1998 and formally started operation in April 2010. Yiwu stock market is composed of Meihu, Wuai and Times Square cluster with existing business area of over 20,000 square meters and more than three thousand employees. Its daily passenger flow […]

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About Yiwu Port

About Yiwu Port Yiwu port is China’s most well-known global Gathering and logistics center for small commodities, China Yiwu market is an important platform for the world. Since China’s reform and opening, successive Yiwu party committees and governments seize the opportunity, deepening the implementation of major traffic, large logistics, major ports strategy, to build regional […]

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