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Now many foreigners choose massage to relax their body after working in the China international trade city a whole day.Doing massage will enable the development of skin telangiectasia, increased skin elasticity, muscle contraction and stretching to promote and improve the human body function, accelerate the lymphatic flow and enhance human immunity.

You could choose 4 ways of massage.

1.European Meridian Detox: The theoretical basis of Chinese medicine approach, rubbing, holding, rolling, playing, Moldova, etc. acting on the body’s acupuncture points, meridians and muscle tissue, it can clear the blood, balancing yin and yang, conditioning the liver, promote metabolism, so as to achieve physical fitness, enhance resistance to diseases, aging, health and longevity purposes.

2.Crystal Love: The essential oils of small molecules, nasal slip, slip elbow massage the body, an overall improvement in a variety of kidney deficiency symptoms for prostatitis have a certain effect, relieve stress, boost mood, increase confidence.

3.Thai Massage: The main in order to kneel back, stepped back, top of the waist and waist rejection mainly Larsson human body ligaments, so that the spine to be operating, the human body to be the purpose of body relaxation and decompression! For a very tired and are subject to force the crowd to enjoy.

4.High wire foot kidney treatment: use of smooth stockings degree, combined with smooth legs and feet to massage the body slip, so that your muscles to relax, eliminating fatigue, healthy, to give you an exceptional experience.

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