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Yiwu sightseeing places are not as well-known as its prosperous commodity industry. More than 2000 years ago, Yiwu was just a small county, called Wushang. After the year 624, the county got its current name and then in 1988 Yiwu was upgraded to a county-level city.

For the historical travel attraction places, you can go to Luo Binwang, a famous poet, cenotaph Tomb and the Hometown of Zong Ze, the famous Anti-Jin General of the Northern Song Dynasty. Chen Wangdao, Feng Xuefeng and Wu Han are three more names to remember while visiting Yiwu. They contributed enormous effort to the Chinese revolution and the foundation of the PRC. Now their former residences are open to visitors.

The city has many natural beauties and tours sites, although these popular places to travel cannot be compared with Hangzhou either in abundance or size, the locals are proud of their Xiuhu Lake and Da’ansi Pagoda. Based on the original site of Xiuhu Lake, the locals built Xiuhu Park in the city center, including Da’an Temple Pagoda and eight charming views of Xiuhu Lake. Now, it is a city garden with a beautiful and typical landscape. During its long history, a number of famous Chinese were born there, leaving some historical heritages for us to admire in their legendary stories.

Yiwu Riverside Park is a good place to go sightseeing and have some fresh air after a tiring day. Two walk ways along the riverside are ideal for a long walk/run. The walk ways are the longest of its kind in whole Zhejiang Province.

Yiwu Wetland Park, also known as Futian Wetland Park, is beside International Trade City. You can watch the long neck white big bird, small fish jumping in the lake showing their silvery bellies. You can hear wild duck mothers warning her kids while someone is close to their “territory”, and monks chanting in a nearby temple. The park itself is quite big. Few people go there. So it’s also an ideal place for other sports like running and fishing. This park has a potential to become a must-see Yiwu sightseeing location in the near future.

Of course, you can also take an adventure into the countryside around the city for more natural beauties. There are also some famous places to travel. For example, Desheng Cliff located at Houzhai Town of southern Yiwu City, Zhugong Cliff of Wuyan Mountain at Huaxi Village of Ersanli Town and the waterfall of Songpu Hill in the ancient Chi’an Town are some ‘must-sees’ on your trip.

Finally, in Yiwu, there is a place of Yiwu sightseeing that every visitor from both home and abroad should see. That is the Yiwu International Trade City, supplying consumers with both shopping and visiting. This big wholesale market, located on Chouzhou Road, attracts a great deal of visitors everyday. Coming here, maybe there are some surprises waiting for you!

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