Yiwu Car Rental

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Yiwu Car Rental

Wanna enjoy a driving tour in such wonderful season? No car? It doesn’t matter.Yiwu Car Rental, a comprehensive large leasing company in Yiwu will help you solve the problem.

The company is engaged in providing car rental and MPV rental with different classes and even generation drive service etc. New car = 2-year renting contract=yours. It is simple to rent a car and convenient to fetch. Renting a new car can be safety guranteed. The company provides free door-to-door car delivery and fetching services. At present this company owns Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, Nissan, Mazda, Audi, BMW etc. with a total of more than 20 styles of over 50 new cars.

Yiwu Car Rental has two kinds of car rentals, namely, auto-driving rental and generation drive rental.

Auto-driving rental is a car leasing mode that car rental company provide vehicles and customers drive by their own. Generally, the auto-driving car models are those whose prices are between 70000 to 250000 yuan, and the renting fee is between 200-600 yuan. Procedure of auto-driving is very simple, you can rent your favorite models by showing ID card, driving license and credit card. But you have to pay 1000-2000 yuan deposit in case of break of traffic rules when you return the car. And the deposit will be given back to you in a month. According to different types of cars, the charging standard of auto-driving rental is divided into four service methods: hour lease, daily lease, monthly lease and long-term lease.

Generation drive rental means you rent a car from leasing company and the company will provide a driver for you, which applies to those with no license. You don’t have to drive by your own but need to pay extra fee for the driver. The generation drive rental cars are much higher graded than auto-driving rental cars, for instance: there are Audi, BMW and Mercedes, extended Lincoln as well as various high-grade racing car and even Rolls-Royce provided for wedding or business show use. The fee of generation drive car rental mainly depends on the price of rental cars. Generation drive car rental procedure is also very simple. You only need to sign the contract and pay part of the deposit to rent your car.

Recently, the company has specially pushed forward brand new Audi A4L and BENZ 5er new cars and provide 24 hour service. Welcome to Yiwu, welcome to rent cars!

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