Yiwu starbucks

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Yiwu starbucks

The first Starbucks coffee shop in Yiwu Yihe Hotel opened its doors on the first floor. The industry believes that the international coffee giant’s sales come on the one hand to fill vacancies in the local coffee brands, but also to the already saturated the coffee industry to bring new competition in the market.

It is understood that Yiwu is the Starbucks set point in the country’s first 21 cities, the province is also the only county-level city located point.

After a year-long pre-market research, Shanghai President Coffee Co. shops eventually choose Yihe Hotel.

Xieguan Hong, general manager of the company, said, Yiwu is the world’s largest commodity distribution center, in the Consumer Goods and occupies a pivotal position in the market, attracted many foreign investors and business people to come to the business activities, which is set to attract the Starbucks to come to an important point Factors, I hope Starbucks espresso and local business people to give more consumers to enjoy high-quality.

Starbucks settled for the local coffee industry will rise to new competition, Starbucks Coffee Company Limited Shanghai official said, the original local enterprises have their coffee, fixed consumer groups, in addition to attracting really like Starbucks coffee consumption Above, can be an additional market for more, after all, Yiwu has a huge traffic, each of different preferences, there will be a different propensity to consume, Starbucks offers more than just a choice.

The industry believes that many coffee shops now in the actual operation is already a departure from the coffee business model for the leading product, became a supporting role in Western-style restaurants, and Yiwu Starbucks coffee have adhered to the supremacy of the sales pattern, and local counterparts , with a mean difference competition.

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