About Yiwu Port

by | Feb 17, 2011 | Yiwu News

About Yiwu Port

Yiwu port is China’s most well-known global Gathering and logistics center for small commodities, China Yiwu market is an important platform for the world.

Since China’s reform and opening, successive Yiwu party committees and governments seize the opportunity, deepening the implementation of major traffic, large logistics, major ports strategy, to build regional logistics Highlands and Yiwu port. Yiwu port has become the busiest inland port and logistics hub. The experience that Yiwu logistics fostering and development is an important reference for China.

After 30 years of exploration and development, Yiwu creat a miracle in the history of China and even the world commodity trade. The core of logistics is modern information technology. Yiwu city, as the world’s commodity procurement and distribution center, is both the rich mine of information, and also the the largest information needs markets.

At present, Yiwu port has more than 2,000 of domestic logistics business units and international freight forwarding companies, with road freight from Yiwu directly to 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) in 320 cities, which made a full coverage of major China cities. Goods can reach more than 90% of the prefecture-level cities. Basically Yiwu port has constructed a huge logistics network with small commodities market as distribution center; Yiwu has set up a public type bonded warehouse and make customs cooperation with Ningbo customs to implement “Different customs, ports release” customs clearance
mode. And Yiwu has opened “truck flight” to the Shanghai Airport. As to sea freight, China Shipping, French Dafei, Yixing, Wan Hai and other 18 world-renowned shipping companies set up offices in Yiwu. Logistics has covered 215 countries and regions in the world, in 2009 Yiwu exports 520,000 standard containers of goods,and in 2010 the number rise up to 560,000.Yiwu Port becomes more and more important in China and the whole world now.

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