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The Wonder of Air Balloons

Have you ever wondered who made the first balloon? Well I’m about to tell you. The very first rubber balloon was invented by Michael Faraday in the year 1824. It was an experiment at the Royal Institution in London. A year later toy balloons were introduced by Thomas Hancock. There are many different types of […]

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The hair is crucial to Barbie doll

Who would have ever thought forty years ago that Barbie Dolls would still be such a popular item with little girls today? It seems as if these dolls are always in vogue. Like anything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same is true with collectors of these dolls. The true value […]

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Yiwu market maps

Here are six maps about yiwu market.Yiwu Market is main made of China Yiwu International Trade City and Yiwu New HangYuan market.The China Yiwu International Trade City have five district.China Yiwu International Trade City District 1;China Yiwu International Trade City District 2;China Yiwu International Trade City District 3;China Yiwu International Trade City District 4;China Yiwu […]

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National champions of 2011 Miss Tourism debut in yiwu

It is learned that the individual awards ceremony of 2011 Miss Tourism World final was held on October 20 in yiwu Fair which ended in recently. This is one of the activities to support the 17th Yiwu Fair. The launching ceremony was held on September 29 at Yiwu Theatre. Nearly a hundred Miss Tourism World […]

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Know several safety tips about your ATV!

If you have got an ATV from yiwu market ,from now on, you should put safety in mind. Here are some ATV safety tips for you. 1. Sign up for a hands-on safety training course.A safety training course enables riders to learn how to control their ATVs in typical situations – and in most cases, […]

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Car’s Fuel Injector repair

The function of a fuel injector is to mix the fuel in the car’s engine with air thus allowing the engine to run in a more smoothly manner at high and low temperatures. However the fuel injector and the fuel pump can both get blocked causing malfunction. Luckily there are some easy techniques that can […]

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The surplus guests at “Plum blossom”

Ended at the beganning of the opening ceremony fo the Fair , the booth of “Plum Blossom lock industry”  rush to call a few customers, with muc of foreign investors. The “plum lock” come from PuJiang which its technical level has well known to leading the position “lock king” in China. More than 300 kinds […]

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Yiwu market have variety product of Pumps

For high pressure applications, there are a variety of pumps that are used and installed to manage the work for different set of industries. The pumps are widely used around the world and they are manufactured with unique skills of designing and engineering. Finding their way in the most significant work sites, the pumps have […]

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Yiwu set up the African goods exhibition center

The African goods exhibition center opened this year in the yiwu International Trade Mart has become a window for 48 African countries to display and trade their commodities.Some typical African products has display to merchant who come to the yiwu international trade fair.including bronze ware in Benin, ebony in Tanzania, diamond ornament in South Africa, […]

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Radiators could refresh engine

Automotive radiators are the important components of a vehicle’s cooling system. A vehicle’s cooling system is intended to protect the engine from the destructive forces of too much heat. Radiators take charge of removing excess heat from the engine even under the most extreme conditions.Radiators extend engine life, and keep the vehicle’s engine at a […]

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