Yiwu commodity market begin have large orders of Libya

by | Nov 1, 2011 | Yiwu News

Libya during the Civil War, many of the original merchants in Yiwu are returned to Libya .Currently, a large number of Libyan businessmen to return go yiwu to purchase a variety of small commodities. End of an era of Gaddafi in Libya means to restart the market?
In interview Yiwu International Trade City recently found that Libya began to clear the action of the merchants. Recently, a Libyan businessman early in an operate  household He Huihui merchandise shops of Yiwu International Trade City in four districts , one  breath give a  container  orders, which makes He Huihui not noly happy but surprised, since Libya’s civil war, which bit eight months this businessmen have no orders to He Huihui.
Libyan businessmen in Yiwu membership
Started to collect product information
The afternoon of October 23, Libya guy Anis in yiwu Fair scene, seemed to fade,  this time he  take a clear procurement objectives looking for the products they need.
Anis is one of the Libyan businessmen to He Huihui, who organized  Yiwu Import & Export Co., Ltd.three years ago , specialized in all kinds of commodity to exported to Libya, following nearly 40 companies in Libya wholesalers.
Yiwu International Trade City district three area dealers Weimei Zhen told reporters the two clients of Libya have set the flag , she is so surprised, but fortunately the have stock goods.
Weimei Zhen said that early in March to ask someone to offer banner, but because the situationis not clear, she did not dare take a promise. Concerned about the situation in Libya, while Wei Meizhen found in August and September, orders of the Libyan businessmen suddenly increased, and most of them go by air, the cargo through Tunisia into Libya.
Recently, the domestic situation in Libya give a major turning point, which also brought hope to Anis’s business.
Previously, Anis received an amount of  $ 10,000 orders from Libyan businessman , some scarves, key chains, badges, hats, bracelets products etc., in order to save time, the opposite explicitly requested to go by air.

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