99% of merchants satisfied yiwu market credtit

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Not long ago, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau give 1000 sample survey to merchants customers, 69% of the merchants were very satisfied of Yiwu market credit , 30% of basic satisfaction. “Satisfied” phenomenon in the November Yiwu Market Credit Index has also been reflected: by market trading activity, risk reduction, and many other factors, on November Yiwu market credit index topped 140 points, up 140.32 points.

Credit Research Center of Peking University Professor Zhangzheng believes that the credit building in Yiwu market while strengthening the existing work,but paying particular attention to strengthening of the infringement and the crackdown on counterfeit goods, and to focus on strengthening prevention and control on the individual foreign investors are untrustworthy behavior, while , but also relying on the Internet and other new platforms, strengthen trade and other relevant regulatory risk warning services.

The professor ZhangZheng recommendations, businessesman to be cautious on the market response to the international community conflict taking the adverse effects, in particular, pay attention to the current tensions in the Korean peninsula caused by the trade risk. At the same time, Yiwu should build and implement an early “trinity” of the new market structure, thus leading domestic and international counterparts to enhance their core competitiveness.

Yiwu Market Credit Index referred YMCI, establishment by Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the China Credit Research Center of Peking University R & D,it is a set of quantitative credit to reflect changes in Yiwu market trends and characteristics of the index system.

Peking University Credit Research Center,professor said that the existing data model structure is more reasonable, more scientific preparation, time is more obvious, “Yiwu Market Credit Index (YMCI) system” and “Commodity Price Index,” “Commodity Classification Code” together, has been a “three soft power”of Yiwu market.

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